Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Cake Class

My students Brecca and Izabela are piping on a wedding dummy cake. This is the first cake decorating class they have ever taken. They did pretty good!

Gumpaste roses were made and place on top tier.

We decorated with pretty organza ribbon and broaches that I found on sale.

This tilted cake was covered with fondant and decorated with fondant flowers.

My proud students Maria, Brecca and Izabela. They had fun and did an amazing job. Way to go girls!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gerber Daisies and Spring Cross Cookies

Here is a cookies order I worked on this past weekend. The Gerber daisies I actually did for a summer wedding a couple of years ago. They were baked on sticks of assorted lengths and place in flower pots as a table centerpiece. The client ordered them again to surprise her daughter.

I made the cross cookies in soft pastel colors, a little softer than the flowers, to stay within the similar color scheme.

These cross cookies are smaller than the previous shown cross cookie favor but are perfect for an elegant sweet table.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Girly Pirate Ship

For my niece Ava's 4th birthday she had to have a pirate ship cake. Of coarse I had to give her one. How could I say no to her, she's so cute!Now when you are making a pirate ship cake for a little girl the only real request it has to be PINK!

I bought a package of toy pirates and sea animals and place them on and around the cake. I didn't overdo it with the toys because I thought it would be too much. Ava loved moving the pirates to different parts of the cake.

Her favorite was this girl pirate. Perfect, right?

I found this image of a girl skull and crossbones off the Internet and made a flag. The sails I cut out of pretty scrapbook paper that matched the cake and was double sided.

I hope I made her birthday extra special!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cross Cookies

This is the time of the year I am at my most busiest. I will have plenty of new things to show you.
If you have an invitation for an upcoming event, I can incorporate the design into your cake or cookies.
Take a look at this invitation from this past weekend.

I created these cookies to stay with the theme of the invitation.

Large cross cookies are $2.00 each and the small cookies are $1.15 each. They can be bagged and tied with decorative ribbon for an extra $0.75 each.